Jacqueline Kennedy said: “There are very few ways to expand the world of your child. The love for books is the best”. Having this difficult mission in mind, the My Book Shop team has decided to offer the little ones quality readings, which, in the long run, would help them become good contributors engaged with the society in adulthood. We are not just an online book store, but a real team that is ready to recommend the right book for reading to babies.

On My Book Shop you can find books for children in Romanian or English, including famous volumes from Usborne, with impeccable illustrations, topics of interest and, in particular, a high educational potential. Thus, readings will not only be a routine exercise, but a real pleasure for both children and adults.

Our mission lies in stimulating the appetite for reading and convincing parents that reading is an investment in the future, an investment that will bear fruit in the years of kindergarten, school or university. Our goal is to help children read for pure pleasure, without being imposed, but above all to show them a spectacular world full of unique characters and stories from another reality.

My Book Shop is about the power of reading and about books read with much love!


Pick-up point:
Chișinău, Petru Zadnipru street, nr. 2

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